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Chef Heather Feher

Chef/Owner, Black Cat Culinary

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About Me

Chef Heather Feher


Cleveland, OH

Current Position

Chef/Owner, Black Cat Culinary

  • Cook

    Commanders Palace , New Orleans, LA

  • Chef de Partie

    TOWN Restaurant , NYC

  • Stagiare

    DOM Restaurante , São Paulo, Brazil

  • Stagiare

    Astrid y Gaston , Lima, Peru

  • Chef de Partie

    Gargoyles on the Square , Boston, MA

  • Chef de Partie

    Alinea , Chicago, IL

  • "Drink Maker"

    The Aviary , Chicago, IL

  • Tour Chef

    DEGA Catering , Nationwide

  • Event Chef

    MAX Ultimate Food , Boston, MA

  • Event Chef

    Season To Taste , Cambridge, MA

  • Culinary Arts

    The Culinary Institute of America , Hyde Park, NY

Other Things About Me

***IMPORTANT! AS OF 6/2016 I AM PERMANENTLY LOCATED IN LOS ANGELES. I am always available for travel!**


My main job right now involves cooking for various celebrity clients- in the past year alone, I\'ve had the pleasure of working in three countries (Canada, US, and Norway) for over 60 artists, such as Satyricon, Tsjuder, Impaled Nazarene, The WWE, Bob Dylan/Wilco/MY Morning Jacket, Rhianna, Zak Brown Band, and Keith Urban.  My job requires fequent travel - sometimes for months at a time with longer tours, and sometimes only for a weekend. If I know in advance,  I can almost always arrange my schedule to make any date work.

I own a fully licensed LLC/catering company, too! Check it out at , like us on facebook, or follow us on instagram if you\'d like to get a better idea of my cooking style. :)

In 2014 I was a contestant on both Guy\'s Grocery Games (on the Food Network) and Midnight Feast (on A&E/FYI Network). I was also selected as one of twelve international chefs to represent the US at Right Some Good festival in Halifax, NS.  I came in second in a nationwide Chili cook-off (of over 3.000 entrants) held by Johnsonville Sausage in 2012, and I\'ve won numerous cooking and recipe contests and appeared in several publications related to work I\'ve done at several restaurants. I kept an intensive food research blog for the majority of the time I spent traveling as well.

When I\'m not cooking, I\'m probably fencing - it\'s a hobby I\'ve had since I was 7 years old. I compete regularly. :)



A note about pricing: Smaller parties are ALWAYS going to have a higher per-person cost than larger parties. Larger parties (15+) have the luxury of splitting the total cost (food, labor [each party takes a -minimum- of 15 hours and several days on my end to plan, shop, prep, and execute], and administrative costs) across more people for a lower per-person cost. It is very difficult to even think about doing a party for less than $600 all-in (no matter how many guests), and that price range would be something very simple (a few hors d\'oeuvre, or two courses that aren\'t protein heavy). Thanks for understanding!

Chef Heather Feher 's Specialties

I specialize in creating a unique experience with your meal - usually, that includes something interactive, fun, totally original, a little avant-garde, and always delicious! I trained with some of the pioneers of modernist cuisine, so I love incorporating ultra-modern, \"molecular\" techniques into my dinners - whether it\'s cucumber caviar, parmesan foams, edible paper, or just really unusual flavor combinations, my only limit is your imagination! I am really good at procuring and using very unique, hard to find ingredients (from lion meat to cocoa leaves). The bigger the challenge, the more fun I have with it! As a former art school dropout, cooking is my form of artistic expression - each plate is a different canvas... or in some cases, a sculpture. =)

I excel at vegetarian/vegan cuisine, handmade seitan, and other types of meat replacement as well.

I can certainly do simple, as well! I\'ve lived (and cooked!) all over the world, most extensively in Latin and South America, so pan-Latin cuisine (esecially Peruvian, Brazilian, and Mexican) is most definitely a strength.


I\'m also really knowledgeable in craft cocktails and spirits, and love incorporating cocktails into dinner - whether as an alternative to wine pairings, as a sauce, a marinade, or as a dessert. I\'m also available to bartend for cocktail parties!

Chef Heather Feher 's Reviews
  • Baby shower brunch for 25 in Winchester, MA

    Written by Jill G. on 2013-04-23

    i travelled from Philadelphia to Boston to host a baby shower. Didn't know what to expect since I wasn't familiar with any caterers . Heather made the process very easy. She listened to what I had in mind and made her own suggestions. Her food was inventive and so delicious. Everyone raved! I would highly recommend heather for any event,

  • Cooking Class for 12 in Lexington, MA

    Written by Drew B. on 2014-04-02

    Heather quote one of my guests..."the absolulte Bomb!". I've been conducting cooking classes in my home for the past 6 years and hers was absolutely among the best if not the best. Very organized, worked very hard, pleasant, taught us some usable skills, and the dishes were both extremelly tasty and exceptionally creative. Highly recommend her. Thanks Heather and Thanks Chef'd-Up for the Intro!

Sample Menus
Be inspired by the sample menus and send your own initial ideas, or allow your chef to propose something entirely new!
Casual Meal starting from: $60
Sample menu:

Chef Heather says: "This is a brunch I did for 22 people. Some items were passed as hors d'oeuvres, and others were set out on a buffet table."

Casual Meal starting from: $65
Sample menu:

Chef Heather says: "South American dinner with passed apps and a family style main course."

Upscale Meal starting from: $100
Sample menu:

Chef Heather says: "Fine dining 3 course plated meal"

Premier Meal starting from: $150
Sample menu:

Chef Heather says: "Let's get weird. Foams, gels, spherifications, emulsifications,purees, texture experiments, and weird flavor combinations!"