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Chef Bradley Miller

Private Chef, Freelance

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About Me

Chef Bradley Miller


Lebanon, Pa

Current Position

Private Chef, Freelance

  • Executive Chef

    Upstairs on The Square , Harvard

  • Executive Chef

    Grasshopper Cafe , Charlestown

  • Line Cook

    Garden at the Cellar , Cambridge

  • Line Cook

    Restaurant Clio , Boston

  • Line Cook

    Sanctuary Resort and Spa , Phoenix, Az

  • Bachelors of Culinary Management

    Scottsdale Culinary Institute , Phoenix, Az

Other Things About Me

As a native to central Pennsylvania, and a member of a family of cooks, my world has been influenced by the kitchen ever since I can remember.  By the time I was tall enough to stand by the kitchen counters I started to learn the craft in which I am now a full fledged member of, whether it be learning how to cook eggs, pancakes, and potatoes for breakfast, or cookies for dessert.  By the time that I reached highschool I realized that food was what I wanted to pursue, and that I wanted nothing more than to becocme a chef.  This was over ten years ago, and I am still in love with what I do.  


Since the time I have entered this industry I have cooked at the James Beard House in lue of walking at my highschool graduation, I have traveled across this country to try my hands at learning southwest cuisine and obtain a Bachelors degree from Le Cordon Bleu in Phoenix, Az.  It was from there that I then traveled back across the country to Boston, where I have been residing for the past six years.  While in the city I have worked under some of the top chefs such as Ken Oringer, Will Gilson, and my culinary god mother Susan Regis.  My time Under Chef Susie at Upstairs on The Square was my catalyst for my progress, as it was the first time in my career where it all clicked for me and my knowledge of food and its simplicity/beauty came about.  I learned that simplicity is much harder to master than something that takes 20 steps to plate and ultimately will come out with better results since if your ingredients are fresh and good then all you need is the knowledge and know how in order to transfer something as simple as a tomato into something beautiful.  

Chef Bradley Miller's Specialties

Rustic but stylistic French cuisine, professional but with a whimsical artistic touch.  A preference to showcase local, and year round in season produce and proteins, whether it be Beef, Pork, Fish, or Chicken.  By letting the ingredients be what they are, I use my skilled hands and work my magic to transform them only enough to show their inner beauty, and the peak of their flavor.  As in nature I keep it true in my work, it's the little things in life that make it all worth the while.

Chef Bradley Miller 's Reviews

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Sample Menus
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Casual Meal starting from: $40
Sample menu:

Chef Bradley says: "An exquisite selection of coastal flavors and ingredients."

Upscale Meal starting from: $60
Sample menu:

Chef Bradley says: "A vegetarian brunch isn't something done easily, but with skill and precision it can be made into something beautiful and delicious."

Upscale Meal starting from: $90
Sample menu:

Chef Bradley says: "A hearty and rustic meal that is sure to please your taste."

Premier Meal starting from: $100
Sample menu:

Chef Bradley says: "An exquisite meal of mediterranean delights that has the ingredients shine through the dish, where each component complements the other."